Holiday Heater Entries Are Closed! 

Thanks for checking out Our Holiday Heater Giveaway. Submissions are closed for now, but if you check back in a few weeks we will let you know who we selected as our winner! 

For now we do have a $200 Off A Furnace Replacement Coupon in case you were looking to make an upgrade to the heating in your home! 

$200 Off A New Furnace

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This is one of our favorite events of the year...

We love being a part of the community, and helping out if we can. This giveaway is something we enjoy doing to help out someone who could use the hand. Here is how our giveaway works, and some of our previous recipients... 

Who can enter? 

Anyone who lives in Atlantic or Cape May Counties.  You can nominate yourself, a friend or just somebody that you’ve heard is having hard times. Entries will be accepted until December 20, and the beneficiary will be chosen shortly after that.

What if you’re nomination is not the beneficiary of the giveaway?

We’re trying to provide as much as we can and even though we can’t give everybody a heater we can still help.  Simply by making a submission you will be sent a coupon for $200 off a heater replacement—use it for yourself or give it to a friend. 

How will the beneficiary be chosen?

Our selection is need based and we’re looking for somebody that has a heater that doesn’t work. It’s not an easy thing to do but it’s up to Bob and his sons to make the final decision. We will look at each submission case by case and visit many of the homes to see what is involved. 

Here Are Some Previous Beneficiaries! 

This is the 3rd Annual Holiday Comfort Giveaway, and we want to show a little spotlight on the previous winners!

Rita B.


Bellinger 3-15 018-299068-edited.jpg

Constance L.


Constance leone2 12-15.jpg

Jen G. 


Gleason 15 -1.jpg

Good Luck and Have A Great Holiday Season!

Remember that if you have any home comfort needs in the Atlantic or Cape May County Area, we are here to help you out! Just give us a call at 609-400-1005

*Includes connections to existing electric wiring and gas lines and connecting to existing duct work. Local permit costs and the costs of any upgrades required by code officials are additional.