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Then entries are in, and here are our Top 5 Finalists to win the Old & Ugly Heater Giveaway. Whoever racks up the most votes will be selected to recieve a Brand New Carrier Heater. Only one vote per person so choose wisely! 


Megan - Brigantine

System Age Est. 40+ Years Old

Megan Nace Comfort Now.jpg

Megan is a single military mom, and said her system looks like an old pile of junk, and sounds like one too! Every time this heater kicks on it sounds like a river running through the house, and she knows it's time for this old heater to go. 

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Kimberly - Leesburg

System Age Est. 50+ years old

Kimberly Hacker Comfort Now.jpg

Kimberly isn't sure about the exact age of her system, but she knows it's old... and ugly. A system this old is certainly not running efficiently, and could be keeping the house far more comfortable. 

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Chris - Mays Landing

Old Oil System - Est. 90+ years old

Chris Koelle Comfort Now.jpg

Chris is moving his kids into this house to make it their forever home. After looking at this heater and all that extreme deterioration, he knows that beast will never run again!  

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Robert - Pleasantville

Singer Heater - 1978

Robert English Comfort Now Heater.jpg

Robert has a Singer heater from 1978 that came with the house. It works, but not efficiently. It also blows cold air during its heating cycles when it over heats.

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Howard - Buena Vista

System Age Est. 60+ years old

Howard Robinson Comfort Now.jpg

Howard has a very old Gas system, and the pilot light keeps going out in the middle of the night. With 3 small kids in the house, Howard doesn't want anymore nights of the kids waking up cold! 

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