How to Control Humidity in Your Home This Summer

If you live here along the Jersey Shore, you know high humidity and excess moisture in the summer months are NOT our friends! But high humidity and increased moisture in your home does not need to be your enemy either...let me explain.

If you can find a way to balance the indoor relative humidity levels in your home, you can also control any increases in moisture and ensure a comfortable, safe environment for you and your family! And here at the shore, this can be more challenging than in other areas of the a local contractor, we know the struggles of dealing with hot, humid days at the shore...

So what is an ideal relative humidity level in your home?

People tend to have different preferences when it comes to what the indoor humidity level should be in their homes to feel most comfortable. In general, a relative humidity level between 35 to 50 percent is ideal for maximum comfort and should prevent unsafe microorganism growth throughout your home - yes, this includes the dreaded mold and mildew we all have to deal with here on the east coast and especially here at the Jersey Shore!

Why should you care about the humidity level in your home?

Great Question! Our comfort is important, but for many, our health is at greater risk in a home with high humidity levels. Here are just a few of the issues we may face if we allow the humidity and moisture in our homes to exceed a safe level...

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What's the Best Air Conditioner for Jersey Shore Homes?

If you live within 10 miles of the Jersey Shore, chances are you know how harsh salt air can be on anything outside of your home. Well, your outdoor air conditioning condenser is not immune to the harsh conditions we all experience here at the Jersey Shore! But there is an answer to your air conditioning needs that will help you sleep at night knowing the salt air is not corroding your air conditioner prematurely!

Introducing the Carrier Coastal System Air Conditioner

Carrier's Coastal System is designed to withstand the rigors of the Jersey Shore environment and comes with one of the best warranties you'll find for a coastal unit! The average life expectancy (nationally) of an air conditioning unit is about 15 years. In the harsh conditions of the Jersey Shore, it can be about half that...maybe less! But we have a solution...

Take a few minutes and watch this short video where Comfort Bob shares a solution for Jersey Shore Homeowners to combat salt corrosion and get an air conditioning system to last at least 10 years or more in even the worst beach environments...

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Great Tips to Get Relief from Allergies in Your Home

It's early Spring and allergy season is it full gear! If you are like most South Jersey Shore folks, we are all looking for relief in anyway we can! Sure, we can all take an allergy pill or two, but do you really want to walk around all day in a constant state of drowsiness???

Is there a solution to allergy season for my family and I that doesn't require medication?

We may not have the solution to outdoor allergies (just yet), but we sure can help eliminate pollutants in your home and improve your indoor air quality through some basic adjustments to your air conditioning system. For more severe cases where poor indoor air quality is preventing you or your family from enjoying the Spring season, we have several additional options for finally getting rid of dust, pet dander, chemical fumes, viruses, mold and many more air borne contaminants from your home...

Take a few minutes and watch this short video where Comfort Bob shares a simple little trick to get your air conditioning system to help ease your constant suffering from seasonal allergies for you and your family while inside your home!

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Do-It-Yourself A/C Tune-Up Tips by Comfort Bob

It's a Saturday morning in the middle of April. I know it's raining today, but the temperatures are rather warm outside - it's supposed to hit about 70 degrees later this afternoon...

And what does that mean? Air Conditioner season is right around the corner!

When the weather breaks this afternoon, it would be a great time to get a little work done around the house. Hiring a contractor to get your air conditioning system in shape is a fantastic idea, but maybe you're a DIY kinda homeowner. Here are a few do-it-yourself tips for getting your air conditioner ready for the upcoming Spring / Summer months so you'll have a little piece of mind and a cool house this summer!

Take a few minutes and watch this short video where Comfort Bob shares a few do-it-yourself tips for preparing your air conditioning system to run more efficiently this season!

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Price Increase Alert...Cost of New Heaters Going Up!

Are you on the fence about buying a new heater? It's better to make your decision NOW! After July of 2019 it will cost you quite a bit’s why!

New Government Regulations Are Going to Increase the Cost of Replacing Your Heater!

5 years ago the Department of Energy (DOE) established a new standard requiring higher efficiency fans in residential heaters as part of its Energy Conservation Program. This “new standard”, called a maximum fan energy rating (or FER) goes into effect this July and it's going to raise the costs of a new heating system...that’s a fact!

We now understand that this regulation will increase the cost of a new heating system by as much as 10 - 18 percent! Regardless of manufacturer, this could increase the purchase price of a new heater by as much as $400.00!

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Will Punxsutawney Phil Be Early Spring?

What do you think?

Do you agree with Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of an early Spring? The people of Punxsutawney, PA sure do believe Spring is on the horizon. If history has anything to with it, who knows what will happen since that furry little prognosticator has only been right 40% of the time over the last ten years. Some people believe that Phil’s predictions are always right, but have been misinterpreted because of his native tongue Groundhogese. Only time will tell if we can put those winter coats away for the season!

Groundhog Day, originally called Candlemas Day, first came about in 1886 when the local newspaper captured February 2nd as a religious Christian holiday. The Christians thought if they brought their candles to church and had them blessed on this day, their households would be blessed throughout the winter. There was even an English folk song that evolved for the holiday, check this out...

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Is My Family in Danger if My Heat Exchanger Fails?

What does it mean when you are told you have a cracked heat exchanger?

Most furnaces that blow hot air through your registers have a heat exchanger that separates the combustion gases from the air that goes through your house. The combustion gases are exhausted outside through a chimney or through other approved venting material and include, water vapor, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and deadly carbon monoxide, soot and other combustion by products.

A cracked heat exchanger is a generic term indicating that there is a defect in the heat exchanger and gases are (or could be) seeping into the air inside your home. Unfortunately, there is no real way to repair the heat exchanger — these are manufactured in a factory to the manufacturer’s specifications. Any attempted repair would void all warranties and place all liability on the contractor (or their staff). In addition, insurance companies will not allow contractors to take that responsibility.

How does this affect your family?

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How To Heat Your Home During Extreme Cold Snaps

It doesn’t happen often, but South Jersey does get extreme cold snaps. The current cold snap is a severe one and may continue to ebb & flow for several more weeks. Extreme cold can cause a variety of problems for homeowners trying to stay warm or simply just comfortable. Here’s how to get through it!

Forget about using the setback option on your thermostat or turning it down at night...

Put your thermostat on "hold" to keep the temperature steady. If you turn your thermostat down, you may not get it back to where you like it (or feel comfortable) if the thermostat has to catch up...and the relatively minor savings may backfire!

Your thermostat is NOT like a car accelerator...

Turning your thermostat up more will not get your home warmer, quicker. Like the chicken cooker—set it & forget it!

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My Atlantic County Home Got Robbed...Seriously!

As an Atlantic County resident for most of my life, I have always felt like serious crimes were something I only saw on the news; especially since I live in Linwood! But that all changed last week...I got robbed! Let me tell you how it happened and how I was able to catch the crook red handed...well, on video anyway!

On Friday, January 4th, 2019 I got a notification from my an app on my phone that there was an "unauthorized person" on my front porch. At 7:49pm our Nest Camera caught this kid, in his 20's, stealing a package off my front porch. This happened on Country Club Drive in Linwood. Pretty scary, huh?

Check out the video below...

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WOW, have we got a heartwarming Christmas Story for you!

In late September of this year, we launched our Ugliest Heater Contest. Of all the great submissions, five finalist were chosen and voted on by the public. Of those five finalists, one winner was announced. That winner was Eileen of Somers Point.

Although Eileen had an overwhelming amount of the votes to win the contest, she also had a back story that we felt we needed to share; given the nature of her ordeal! Take a moment and read Eileen's story...

Here's a brief summary of Eileen's story BEFORE she had heat...

Eileen purchased her house in Somers Point in October 2016. By the end of the first year, her heater failed and she was left with NO heat! When asked about how the heater could fail so quickly in a house that she just purchased, Eileen explained, "Yes I had a home inspection, and yes, it passed. But if I would have been more aggressive, I would have known the heater was 35 years old. I was too naive and being a widow, I didn't know what to ask." Unfortunately, this happens all to often...but Eileen's woes were just beginning...

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