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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner in January

Let's face it, a temperature of 60 degrees on January 11th is kinda nice! Ah heck, it may even get up to 70 degrees tomorrow...but is that a good thing?

On January 5th, 1904 the State of New Jersey experienced a low temperature of -34 degrees...that's NEGATIVE 34 degrees people! This was the lowest temperature ever recorded in the Sate of New Jersey. In contrast, on July 10th, 1936 the State of New Jersey recorded it's hottest day on record when the temperature reached a scorching 110 degrees! But don't worry, the first air conditioner, designed and built in Buffalo, New York by Carrier, began working on July 17th, 1902. Thank God for Willis Carrier, am I right!?!

But this is January in Southern New Jersey, isn't the temperature supposed to be somewhere between 29 degrees and 42 degrees? Well, there may be many reasons why the temperatures are so warm today (which we could debate for hours), but ask yourself this...

If it's this warm in January, how hot is it going to be in July?


That's a great question...isn't it? So how could you get a jump on the summer heat in January? Here are a 5 reasons to consider upgrading your air conditioner in January!

Reason #1 - Buy Your Equipment Now and Get 2019 Pricing...

You heard it right, for a limited time we have select air conditioning units available at 2019 prices which are about 7-10% lower than you'll pay after January 2020. It's been a trend we've seen for a few months where prices on new heating and air conditioning equipment have been creeping up a bit, but in emails from our suppliers, we are being told to expect a price increase in early 2020 of as much as 7-10% on new HVAC equipment. Multiple sources have been predicting this for a few months, but when our suppliers begin to notify us, we know it's coming! (offer subject to current inventory only)

Reason #2 - Easy Scheduling Options for NEW Installations...

Picture this...it's Memorial Day Weekend in Ocean City, Avalon, Stone Harbor, etc. A gazillion people show up for the weekend to begin enjoying their summer down the shore and what's the first thing they do...crank up their AC units! All of a sudden...BAM, it's not working, now what? They pick up the phone and call our team to get one of our techs out there to get it working ASAP.  But wait, this isn't someone else, this is your story and you need a new unit, we can help there too. But if this happens to 100 people at the same time, someone may have to wait to get their new AC unit installed. If you know you should have replaced that old unit 2 years ago, January is a GREAT time to schedule the upgrade...just sayin'!

Reason #3 - Great Rebates & Financing Options Currently Available...

Right now, South Jersey Gas has an incredible offer for homeowners that either currently have a gas heater OR are looking to convert to gas and are ready to replace their old equipment with a new, energy efficient heating system.

Here is what South Jersey Gas is offering:

  • For qualified buyers who currently have gas, you can receive up to $11,000.00 in financing with 0% interest for 7 years, AND a $700.00 rebate on qualifying high efficiency equipment

  • For qualified buyers who decide to convert from oil, propane or electric to natural gas, you can receive up to $8,000.00 in financing with 0% interest for 5 years, AND a $700.00 rebate on qualifying high efficiency equipment

  • If NO financing is used, you may be eligible for a $1,200.00 rebate on qualifying high efficiency equipment (a $700.00 rebate from the State of New Jersey and a $500 rebate from South Jersey Gas)


Reason #4 - Three Years of Service for the Price of One...

For a limited time, we are offering 3 years of our Priority Comfort Program (our service plan) for only $239.00! (available on new installations only) That's three years of service on your new system for the price of a single year...this offer will ensure your family stays comfortable after the installation. Why do I need to service a new heating and air conditioning system? Great question!

Although your heating and cooling system is brand new, as it runs, it accumulates dust and dirt in key areas that affect its efficiency. Think of it like your car, would you neglect to change the oil in your car just because it was new...probably not! If these basic maintenance items are left unchecked, your HVAC System will begin to loose efficiency and cost more money to operate. For example, an AC Unit can lose 5 percent or more of its operating efficiency each year it's not properly maintained and it can’t cool your house as well as it did if it were properly cleaned.

Reason #5 - A Coupon Worth $300.00 OFF a New Unit...

At Comfort Now, we love saving our customers money whenever we can! With that being said, if you have one of our Comfort Specialists out to your house to access your current heating and/or cooling needs, we will honor the enclosed coupon worth $300.00 OFF a new cooling system (a previous offer from August 2019)!

Download Your Copy of the $300.00 OFF Coupon Here...


There you have it...5 reasons to upgrade you air conditioning system in January! It may be possible to get a new AC Unit at 2019 prices (subject to inventory), you can schedule your installation BEFORE the summer rush, we currently have great rebates and financing options available (with these programs, most customers can upgrade their HVAC System to a new, energy efficient unit with a payment of less than $100.00 a month), we are currently offering 3 years of service for the price of 1 (on new installations only) and we will honor a coupon worth $300.00 OFF a new air conditioning unit (a previous offer from August 2019)! What are you waiting for now?

If you have additional questions about the benefits of upgrading your air conditioner in January, pick up the phone and give us a call at 609-400-1005, we have the answers you need!