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One Holiday Heater Giveaway, TWO Winners!

As you know, the Comfort Now Team has been giving away a FREE heater to a person or family with the greatest need and most compelling story in the Atlantic County or Cape May County area for a few years now, but this year's giveaway was a very difficult one...let me explain!

When the nominees started rolling in, there were some truly heartbreaking stories being told! As we had in years past, we starting contacting these deserving families to try and determine which people were most in need of our services. Well, it wasn't long before we had more than one deserving family to choose from. So we narrowed the field of nominees down to a very deserving 5 finalists to receive the FREE heater.

Just getting the list down to 5 finalists was a very difficult task for our team. So we put our heads together and thought the best approach would be to ask the public to help us decide...WHEW, as it turns out, passing the buck was a great idea...or was it?

We were hoping to ask our amazing community to give their input on who they felt would be the most deserving family after reading the top 5 submissions. As it turns out, even the public's input left us scratching our heads trying to determine exactly who we should help get heat for the holidays and keep their family warm this winter!

So the final decision was left up to good old Comfort Bob!

Without hesitation and in the true spirit of the holidays, Bob blurts out, "why can't we help more than one family this year?!?" And there you have it...we decided to help 2 families get heat for the holidays and enjoy their new heater this winter season!

Winner #1 - Jennifer of Egg Harbor Township


Jennifer was nominated by her mother and had a very compelling story. As a working mom of two kids (one of them who is quite ill) and wife to a disabled husband, Jennifer works two jobs to make ends meet and still could not afford to fix her heater...so we gave her a NEW one!

Winner #2 - Mary Jean of Somers Point

Mary Jean was nominated by her daughter and also had a very compelling story. As a nurse, Mary Jean has cared for other people her entire adult life. When she took ill herself this past year, she was forced to leave the career she loved. Throughout her life, Mary Jean experienced several setbacks which prevented her from keeping her home in proper repair. When the Comfort Now Team visited with Mary Jean and her family, we realized we could repair her current heater and get the heat working for her and her family this winter season...so we fixed her heater for free!

There you have it...one Holiday Heater Giveaway, 2 WINNERS!

We'd like to thank ALL of the great submissions we received throughout our Holiday Heater Giveaway for 2019. We wish we were able to help everyone that submitted a nomination with a FREE heater, but unfortunately we can't do that...but there is always next year! Look for our contests and giveaways throughout 2020..we love helping the folks of Atlantic and Cape May Counties whenever we can!

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