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Price Increase Alert...Cost of New Heaters Going Up!

Are you on the fence about buying a new heater? It's better to make your decision NOW! After July of 2019 it will cost you quite a bit more...here’s why!

New Government Regulations Are Going to Increase the Cost of Replacing Your Heater!

5 years ago the Department of Energy (DOE) established a new standard requiring higher efficiency fans in residential heaters as part of its Energy Conservation Program. This “new standard”, called a maximum fan energy rating (or FER) goes into effect this July and it's going to raise the costs of a new heating system...that’s a fact!

We now understand that this regulation will increase the cost of a new heating system by as much as 10 - 18 percent! Regardless of manufacturer, this could increase the purchase price of a new heater by as much as $400.00!

We all want to be "green" but that's a lot of your green (money). What's in it for you? According to the Appliance Standards Awareness Project, “furnace fans are among the largest users of electricity in a typical household, consuming about 1000 kWh of electricity per year on average, or nearly 10% of an average household’s electricity use.” (Don't forget, your furnace fan runs for heat AND air conditioning!)

Save Money with a New Heating System

In the big picture, the Department of Energy (DOE) estimates the “new standards” will help reduce energy consumption nationwide by as much as 500 billion kilowatt hours over the next 30 years. The estimated 500 billion kilowatt hours saved by the “new standards” is about the equivalency of the annual electricity usage of 47 million U.S. households...give or take... In addition, some experts believe the energy savings from the “new standards” will translate to possible reductions in CO2 emissions of about 180 million metric tons over the same 30 year period.

Why are we sharing this with you?

If your heater is more that 10 years old, replacing it should be on your radar or at least an item on your budget. If you want to beat that 10-18% price increase, ACT NOW and fill out the information below

BTW, we have heaters with the higher efficiency fans now and the efficiency of the gas components can be 30% greater than your current heater so if you're considering installing a smarter heating and/or cooling system and more advanced technology you don't have to wait.

BUT, If you're more concerned with your purchase cost you'll want to get a heater with today's standard motor before they're gone.

Why else should I make a decision NOW?

* Avoid the increase in costs of the new equipment.

* For a limited time, take advantage of rebates on Carrier High Efficiency Equipment up $1350.00

* SJ Gas & NJ Clean Energy rebates up to $1200 OR 0% financing for 7 years lets you buy a new heater for as little as $42.00 a month!

Are you ready to beat the price increase? Click on the offer below to
learn more about great rebates and special financing options
to get a new HVAC System BEFORE the price increases in July of 2019!

South Jersey Gas Rebates and Financing Options