Earn $50.00 for Voting in Our Ugliest Heater Contest

Our Ugliest Heater Contest is back for the 2nd year and we have selected our five finalists…it’s now time for you to vote for a 2018 WINNER! And if you do vote, you can earn $50.00 towards any service offered by Comfort Now...here’s what you need to know!

After careful consideration, our team has selected 5 residents of Atlantic County and Cape May County as finalists to win a NEW Heater. The finalists were selected from numerous submissions and now it's time for you, the public, to cast your vote for the person or family with the ugliest heater from the submissions below. Each submission was asked to tell us why they feel they should win, here’s what they said in their own words...


Patricia of Milmay wrote "My heater broke 4 years ago from old age 25 years and I have to heat with a wood stove but my back has ruptured discs and I can no longer lift the wood and being on social security I can not afford a new heater I am almost 70 and need comfort now".

Jo of Atlantic City wrote "I have the oldest and ugliest boiler. It is a workhorse but it is not efficient, it is time for a replacement before it goes!"

Melissa of the Villas wrote "It’s broke...original system with the house and broke in the middle of last winter season and I have 5 kids and we have a gas heater on the wall and can’t afford a new heater in the house".

Eileen of Somers Point wrote "I purchased this house 2 years ago this October and at the end of the first year the heater went. I went to work this past summer to earn money to buy I heater but my daughter had 2 surgeries and was on a vac machine for open wound care for 6 months. My priority was to get my daughter better so now it is almost winter she is better and I cannot get financing for a heater. If I don't get help I won't have heat.. I also am having surgery in a month for a mass on my shoulder.. Please help!"

Howard of Buena Vista wrote "Hi my heater has been giving us problems for the last couple of years where the pilot will go out and of course it’s mostly at night when we are in bed and it's a bad feeling knowing your kids have to wake up to it feeling like a ice box. It would be nice to go to bed knowing my kids will be warm."

Now we need your help to determine the WINNER!

So what happens now? Well, if you want to vote for your favorite submission from the finalist above, here are some details you need to know...

  • The finalist with the MOST votes will win the NEW Heater
  • Public voting ends on Sunday, October 21st
  • A WINNER will be announced the WEEK of October 22nd

Are you ready to vote? If so, click on the button below to visit our voting page...best of luck to your favorite submission!


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