3 Simple Ways to Get Your Home Running Properly this Summer

Well, they’re finally here -- the dog days of summer. While this period between July and August is among the hottest days for the entire Northern Hemisphere, we have everything you need to stay cool, comfortable, and to keep your home running properly during this summer season. Here’s how to make the most out of not only your summer, but your whole year.

Get Maintenance

It’s simple — the more you use your air conditioning system during these scorching months, the harder it needs to work to keep your home cool. Eventually, the components inside these units will experience wear and tear and break down at a faster rate. Believe me, the last thing you want during this summer is a complete breakdown of your AC in the heat and humidity; which can not only leave you uncomfortable, but also cause a major disruption in your life!

Investing in a proper maintenance plan can keep your system running efficiently, and may even save you money on reduced utilities. We offer great rates to give you that piece of mind. To learn more, go to our service plan page.

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Understanding the Impact of Salt Air on Your Air Conditioner

If you're a homeowner at the Jersey Shore, you have probably seen the effects of the corrosive salt atmosphere around your property. At a minimum, electrical fixtures & exterior door hardware tend to deteriorate quickly, outdoor furniture can fall apart prematurely and windows get grimy.

Your air conditioner is impacted too. The average life of an air conditioner across the country (in normal conditions) is about 15 years. In the salt air of the shore you’re doing well if your air conditioner lasts 10 years or longer (we’ve seen air conditioning units needing to be replaced in as little as 4 years).


How do you know if your air conditioner needs help?

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Does a Service Plan Save You Money? 

As if you hadn’t made enough decisions by the time you’ve chosen a new heater or air conditioner. Now, someone’s offering you a service contract, saying it will save you money. But, apparently, you have to spend money to save some, because what they’re offering will cost you a couple hundred dollars a year.

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Get a Comfort Performance Checkup Today

Temperatures are heating up, and it takes energy to keep a house cool and comfortable. How can you tell if you’re paying for more energy than you need? Easy – schedule a Comfort Performance Checkup and a qualified Comfort Now professional will evaluate your home’s energy use and suggest ways to improve energy efficiency.

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