Why is My Upstairs Bedroom Still So Stinkin' Hot?

We get this question a lot — Summer & Winter. When a home or larger area is controlled by a single air conditioning system, differences in temperature are common. This can often occur because of an imbalance in the air flow to rooms. It frequently occurs when a two story house is served by a single heating and cooling system having just one thermostat.

What do you need to know to understand why this happens, and what do you need to do to fix this issue once and for all? In our world, this is known as a temperature differential and it can be caused by any one of the reasons mentioned below. But don't worry, there is a solution!

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Bayfest 2018...The Winner of the Ductless AC System Is...

Another successful Bayfest is in the history books and the 2018 street festival was no disappointment! For those of you who don't know, Somers Point Bayfest is the largest single-day festival in South Jersey. It includes a full day of food, fun, crafts, and music, with the proceeds being used to fund special projects for the residents of Somers Point. Past renovation projects have included installing new playground equipment and making improvements to both the local high school and sports facilities.

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