Why is My Upstairs Bedroom Still So Stinkin' Hot?

We get this question a lot — Summer & Winter. When a home or larger area is controlled by a single air conditioning system, differences in temperature are common. This can often occur because of an imbalance in the air flow to rooms. It frequently occurs when a two story house is served by a single heating and cooling system having just one thermostat.


What do you need to know to understand why this happens, and what do you need to do to fix this issue once and for all? In our world, this is known as a temperature differential and it can be caused by any one of the reasons mentioned below. But don't worry, there is a solution!

Imbalance Between Rooms

This can usually be addressed by adjusting the air flow between rooms, but it may also require some modification to your duct work. You can try closing down the registers, but shutting the airflow down at the registers is not as effective as reducing it at the duct. When you implement this approach noise issues can become an issue.

Temperature Differences Between Floors

This is one of the most common complaints we hear. Warm air rises/Cool air falls. In the winter months, the heat is going to go up your steps and add to the heat coming out of the registers. In the summer months, the cool air from your air conditioner struggles to get pushed up stairs and usually comes out at floor level. It’s probably not going any higher and we typically see temperature differentials of 4-8 degrees (or worse) between floors. The first floor may become an ice box when we try to get the upstairs a little more comfortable.

What Else Can Impact this Type of Problem?

The placement of the duct that brings the air back to your system (return air) can be a key factor. Taking the hot air off the upper floor at the ceiling is ideal. So what is it we need to consider to fix this issue once and for all?

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Possible Solutions Include:

  • Upgrading or Modifying Your Ductwork
  • Zoning of the Existing System (providing independent thermostats in different areas)
  • Relocating the Thermostat (strategical placement can do wonders)
  • A Wireless Thermostat (this can be used only in occupied areas as needed)
  • Install a Separate System for Both Floors
  • Consider a Mitsubishi Ductless System (these provide Personal Comfort in every room)

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