Wi-Fi Thermostats to Check House Temperature from Florida

Checking your house temperature from florida...it's not too tough

Isn't it a beautiful thing watching birds fly south for the winter. They notice it's getting chilly, and they hop into a V and ho south, flying for warmer weather, knowing that in about 5-6 months they will be back along with the warm breeze and the sunshine. Well... it isn't just birds that keep this pattern up. Some people love to do the same thing! During the summer they live at their Jersey Shore home, and enjoy the nice summer weather, but as soon as winter rears it's head, then it's time to go south to Florida until next year. 

That was what Carl, one of our customers in Ocean City, does every year. He departs from the brisk chill of the Northeast Section of the US every winter to go enjoy himself in Florida. In the meantime, he has a service that will check on his home once a week to insure that the house isn't too cold in the winter. 

This had been working fine for him, until one day the service called and told him the house was down to 45 degrees. He didn't want to let it get too cold, and called Comfort Now to go over and check out why his home was so cold. 

Problem: The home was very cold. The boiler had broken with no way of repairing it. 

Solution: Installed a new Boiler, as well as a WiFi Thermostat. This allows them to cancel the service that was checking on the temperature of their home, because they can now check whenever they want from Florida. It also allows them to adjust the temperature for when they arrive back into New Jersey, and their house is ready. 

Installing a New Boiler and WiFi Thermostat

The Comfort Now Specialist determined that the boiler had stopped working, and there was no way to repair it. It had to be replaced. Carl chose the replacement, but also decided to add another feature to his system: a WiFi Thermostat. 

Carl_B_Case_Study_Street_Signs_Pic.jpegFREE Remote Access Thermostat Coupon

The WiFi Remote Access Thermostat allowed Carl to not only monitor the temperature from his home in Florida, but adjust the temperature from there as well! He could also cancel the service that had previously been checking on his home once a week to make sure the temperature was ok. This new feature not only saved him money from canceling the service, but increased his peace of mind knowing that he could check on his home anytime he wanted now, day or night. 


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