8 Tips to Cool Your Home Better During a Heat Wave

Let's face it...it's been freakin' hot out this summer! It's only the early part of July and we've already had a couple of solid heat waves...and the worst is yet to come!

According to many indicators analyzed by the U.S. Global Change Research program, current heat wave frequency and the length of our recent heat waves have increased since the mid 1960's. The average heat wave season is now 45 days longer than it was 50 years ago! But there IS a way to beat the heat during a heat wave!

The unusually high temperatures reached during a heat wave are often a challenge for many air conditioning systems. Now don't be surprised if your AC unit never turns off on extremely hot days and the temperature inside your home starts to creep up beyond where you set your thermostat...this can be a normal occurrence. But don't worry, the air conditioner will eventually catch up overnight - or maybe towards the morning hours when it's cooler outside. Below we have some tips to help you cool your home more efficiently during a heat wave! First, we need to make sure your air conditioner is functioning properly...here are some quick problems to look for!

Why is my air conditioner not cooling my house below 80 degrees?

Certain issues or problems can often prevent your air conditioning unit from properly cooling down your home on extremely hot days. These issues or problems may include:

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How to Control Humidity in Your Home This Summer

If you live here along the Jersey Shore, you know high humidity and excess moisture in the summer months are NOT our friends! But high humidity and increased moisture in your home does not need to be your enemy either...let me explain.

If you can find a way to balance the indoor relative humidity levels in your home, you can also control any increases in moisture and ensure a comfortable, safe environment for you and your family! And here at the shore, this can be more challenging than in other areas of the country...as a local contractor, we know the struggles of dealing with hot, humid days at the shore...

So what is an ideal relative humidity level in your home?

People tend to have different preferences when it comes to what the indoor humidity level should be in their homes to feel most comfortable. In general, a relative humidity level between 35 to 50 percent is ideal for maximum comfort and should prevent unsafe microorganism growth throughout your home - yes, this includes the dreaded mold and mildew we all have to deal with here on the east coast and especially here at the Jersey Shore!

Why should you care about the humidity level in your home?

Great Question! Our comfort is important, but for many, our health is at greater risk in a home with high humidity levels. Here are just a few of the issues we may face if we allow the humidity and moisture in our homes to exceed a safe level...

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Do-It-Yourself A/C Tune-Up Tips by Comfort Bob

It's a Saturday morning in the middle of April. I know it's raining today, but the temperatures are rather warm outside - it's supposed to hit about 70 degrees later this afternoon...

And what does that mean? Air Conditioner season is right around the corner!

When the weather breaks this afternoon, it would be a great time to get a little work done around the house. Hiring a contractor to get your air conditioning system in shape is a fantastic idea, but maybe you're a DIY kinda homeowner. Here are a few do-it-yourself tips for getting your air conditioner ready for the upcoming Spring / Summer months so you'll have a little piece of mind and a cool house this summer!

Take a few minutes and watch this short video where Comfort Bob shares a few do-it-yourself tips for preparing your air conditioning system to run more efficiently this season!

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